Zabulus' LFG in Tselt


Cunctipotens Zabulus of the Illuminated Academy of the Various Suns seekes skillèd Adventureurs to investiguate Ruins for lostte or hidden Artifactes, Magicke, Knowledge, Wisdomme and Understaundingge. Mortal Danger shalle be expected.

Applicantes must Prepare a writtenne Curriculum Vitæ the which shalle outline:

  • Name, Race, Genderre, Age, Heighte, Weighte, et cetera.
  • Martialle Skilles, or Magickal traininge (especially, Lores).
  • Physickal Strengthe, Prowesse, Endurances, and Resistances.
  • Weaponnes, Horse, Harnesse, and general Gear.
  • Religious and Politickal Affiliationnes.

Applicantes shalle deliver said Curriculum Vitæ unto:
The Booke and Barrelle Inn
In the care of Cunctipotens Zabulus

The Illuminated Academy of the Various Suns (IAVS) is committed to providing Workke Opportunities that include Beings of divers Backgrounds, and whiche fully utilises their Talenttes to achieve its Missionne. The IAVS believes that a divers Workke Force and inclusive Workke Place Culture enhances the Performance of our Organisationne, and our abilitie to fulfille our Missionne. IAVS does this by fosterring and supportteing a Workke Place Culture inclusive of sentient Beingges regardless of their Race, Ethnicity, National Originne, Genderre, Socio-Economic statusse, Marital statusse, Age, Politickal Affiliationne, Religious Belieffes or any other non-merit Fact. The IAVS recognises that the divers Knowledge, Perspectives, Ideas, Experiences and Qualities of all Hirelings are Criticalle to our successe. The Leadership and Employees of the IAVS are committed to Achieving and Supporting the IAVS’s ongoing Commitment to a divers and inclusive Workke Place.


Zabulus' LFG in Tselt

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