Brid Bridgeburner

Scrupulous nineteen year old female Orc, Warrior Monk



IQ: 5
ME: 9
MA: 8
PS: 19
PP: 15
PE: 16
PB: 7
SPD: 24
PPE: 39


  • Stick fighting
  • 1 d6 powerstrike 50% chanse drop weapon 18
  • parry arrows -2
  • spirit strike x3
  • +1 VS illision/mind control
  • +3 VS poison
  • +4 VS possesion
  • 2 d6 kick
  • * 30% blaance
  • 30% work parallel bars/rings
  • 40% back flip
  • +5 roll
  • +4 damage
  • +2 VS magic
  • 2 APM
  • +3 pull/punch


Language,and Lit.


Lit. Elvish—-45%
Lit. Wolfen—-35%


Deep meditation—-20%
Deamon/monster lore—-40%
Religion lore—-50%
Holistic Medicine—-30/20%


Basic Math—-65%
Land Navi—-45%
Play drum—-45%
Wild survival—-45%
Escape Artist—-25%
Imitate voices/impersonation—- 36+16%
General repair—-45%

Weapon P.

W.P. Staff/Spear


  • Traveling clothes:brown robe with hood, cerimonial robe, moccasins, belt
  • Bed roll
  • Backpack
  • Medium statchel
  • 4 small bags
  • water skin
  • wooden cross
  • 6 wodden spikes
  • small mallet
  • 3 vials of holy water
  • mirror
  • tinderbox
  • food rashins 5 weeks
  • soft leather armor, A.R. 10
  • Long spear 2d6
  • hatchet 1d4
  • quarter staff 2d6
  • 110 gold

Brid was raised in a Celtic Christian Monistary. By wolfen Brother Simon, one of the few warrior Monks left in the world, he saw the wild flame that was Brid’s soul and wished to assit it in it’s growing. Thus he trained her in the aart of a Warrior Monk, much to the displeasure of some of the breatheren. Which caused some tension but often Brid was able ingore most of the comments. In the monistary, Brid took a shine to Old Brother Cadfiel, a eastern human who specialized in herbs, medicine and stoies. OH! Such stories, Brid would spend hours in there just listening to the history that the old man would tell her about. As well as making sure she picked up on general herb lore.

Brid was also renound several things through out the little vally in which the monistary lay. A major one was how she would defend the weak, and talk back to any high and mightey person who thought that they could just walk all over people. She was a champion at fairs for her prowess with a staff, spear, and martial arts. But most of all, she was never afraid to be her self no matter what.

On her 19th birthday, Brother Simon and Old Brother Cadfiel took Brid aside, and told her that they had noticed that she was too wild a soul to become a “brother” of the monistary. Asking her if she wanted to leave the village that she knew, the valley that was her home, and seek out her fourtune in another place. Eager for a change Brid accepted whole heartedly, and the next day with the blessings of her Guardians and the provisions of God. Brid set out, at first nothing mush happened. But one fatful day, upon entering a town, a sign caught her eye…..

Brid Bridgeburner

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