Scrupulous Male Gnome Wizard

  • IQ: 10
  • ME: 9
  • MA: 11
  • PS: 9
  • PP: 15
  • PE: 16
  • PB: 12
  • SPD: 11/6
  • PPE: 126


Decipher Magic (4)
Sense Magic (4)
Cloud of Smoke (4)
Globe of Daylight (2)
Tongues (12)
Armour of Ithan (10) A.R. 18
Fire Bolt (10) 5d6 +4 strike
Extinguish Fire (4)
Detect Concealment (6)
Spell Strength 12.


Natural Skills

Underground Tunneling 30%
Underground Architecture 20%
Underground Sense of Direction 30/20%


Dwarven 98%
Elven 60%+ Literacy 50%
Western Human 60%+ Literacy 50%

O.C.C. Skills

Magic Lore 45/35/30%
Demon/Monster Lore 40%
Basic Math 65%

Martial Skills and General Bonuses

W.P. Staff- +1 strike staff
Hand to Hand Basic: 2 Attacks per Melee +2 roll +2 pull punch
+1 v.s. disease
+2 v.s. poison
+1 v.s. magic

O.C.C. Related Skills

General Repair 45%
First Aid 30%
Biology 40%
Surgeon 30/20%
Holistic medicine 30/20%
Escape Artist 30%
Pick Locks 30%

Secondary Skills

Locate Secret Compartments 30%
Prowl 25%
Cook 30%
Fishing 30%
Identify Plants and fruits 25%


Basic Equip.

2 sets of clothes and basic accessories(boots, belt, etc.), cloak with hood, backpack, large satchel, 2 small bags, water skin, 7 sheets parchment, 100 page notebook, 3 crow quill pens, black ink, blue ink, 2 sticks graphite, 1 stick chalk, a candle, a wooden cross, mirror, tinder box.

Weapons and armour.

Soft Leather: A.R. 10.
Knife: 1d4 piercing.
Iron Staff: 1d6+2 blunt.


Alastrom is the first born of three children. He is thin for a gnome, about 35 pounds. Also, he is short, about 1 foot 10 inches. He is about 60(30 for a human). He is a happy, cheerful gnome who takes every part of life with a laugh and a smile. Alastrom isn’t a slouch at a fight, though, and will do anything to protect his friends, even breaking a few laws.
He hails from the Western empire, but has come to the Great Northern Wilderness to seek adventure, until an unlikely town has a notice that catches his eyes…
Alastrom was raised in a small city, from a magical family. However, this didn’t do much to help their income, no matter how hard they tried. Living on the outskirts of the town, trying to make their way through life, they did not expect an attack by a band of orcs, led by a powerful ogre warchief. The band attacked the part of the town where Alastrom lived, and destroyed his family. He only escaped after hiding in a neighbouring chimney, in a house which the band ignored. Knowing that the orc’s destructive power came from the mind of the ogre, he concluded that ogres are despicable creatures that must be destroyed on sight, and he harbours a mistrust for orcs, but is wise enough to let one prove itself to him that it can be trusted.


Dec2012 Alastrom