The adventurers are hired, and start their journey.

Alastrom paused mid-sentence. “Sorry, what?”

Zabulus cleared his throat nervously, and then repeated himself in flawless Elvish. “I said,” he stammered, “are you the adventurers that answered my ed-VUR-tiss-munt?”

Brid Bridgeburner in the Book and Barrel.

Brid Bridgeburner watched the chattering gnome in fascination. This tiny bearded man could hardly stop speaking for long enough to breathe.

Zabulus enters
Meeting the monk

Evening descended on the town of Tselt.

The inn’s bell sang again, and again her patrons turned to see the newcomer. Quint Diantoni started visibly and nearly dropped the glass he was polishing. Another canine—two in one day!

Tselt: The Beginning
In which the party assembles.

The brass bells over the door of The Book and Barrel jangled merrily once again. Eyes turned to glance at the newcomers: a fearsome-looking dwarf in chain mail stood backlit in the doorway, glaring around the relatively dark common room. Behind him stood a a slender Kankoran, its improbably tall longbow extending far above its head. After a few long seconds, the dwarf jumped slightly as if prodded from behind. He turned suddenly with a jangle of iron rings and glowered at the impassive canine. The canine’s lips curled in the smallest hint of a smile, and the reddish, foxlike being glided past the dwarf towards the bar. The dwarf watched him for a moment, and then stumped after him. The Inn’s patrons seemingly decided, after a moment’s hesitation, that the two probably weren’t worth their attention. For now.

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